Yellow sapphire Gemstone (Pukhraj)

Yellow sapphire is one of the safest stones between the nine gemstones. An Indian person known as pukhraj but it refers to yellow sapphire, topaz and citrine. This stone got a special place in Vedic astrology. Pukhraj stones very good for the man, it gives neutral effects suit to you but yellow sapphire will definitely suit you. Yellow sapphire stones ruled by Jupiter planet, it is heaviest and largest planet in the solar system. This stone found in Sri Lanka, Himalayas and Russia, and it is available in various colors such as white, dark yellow and light orange. Pukhraj should be worn in gold or panch dhatu in the index finger of left hand and Thursday within an hour of sunrise.

Yellow sapphire is recommended for comforts, happiness, luxury and economic prosperity. Pukhraj is very helpful for writers, traders, authors, barristers and businessman. This stone will make intellectual, charitable and religious apart from that it will increase many healing powers. A Pukhraj stone eradicates all dispute and conflicts between family members and spouse. This stone is good for marriageable age, but their parents are facing lot problems and get stressed about the marriage of their daughter if they wear this stone then get marriage earlier so that she can start a new family. In other words we can that yellow sapphire (pukhraj) brings name, fame, wealth and good status. Even then it increases appetite, vitality, confers good health happiness and all round prosperity.

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Rate of pukhraj: 45,000-50,000