Saade Sati Report

Since ancient times, there has been a general belief among the masses that the Saade Sati (Sadhesati) of Saturn is usually painful and problematic from the mental, physical and financial point of view. The moment people hear about Saade Sati of Saturn, they get worried and fearful. During the Saade Sati of Saturn the person may experience laziness, mental stress, disputes, problems due to ailments and enemies, losses due to theft and fire and death of elders in the family might occur.

In other words, when Saturn in transit is in the fourth or eighth house from the Moon sign, it is a period for illness, quarrels with brothers, foreign stay, hardships and anxiety. During Saade Sati (Sadhesati), Saturn in the first or second house causes ailments related to the head, heart and legs, fear from the wicked and hardships for sons and cattle.

We at will give you details of events which will occur during the various phases of Saturn’s transit during the Saade Sati. Due attention will be given to time frame in which malefic effects are likely to occur. This will enable you to be prepared for the consequences. We will also suggest you remedial measure so that the malefic effects of Saade Sati are reduced to the minimal. The remedial measure which we recommend are very safe and provide good results, these remedial measures effect the only person concerned and do not have any adverse effects on any other person in the family.

We will try our level best to answer your queries & provide you the best astrological guidance.

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