Moon Signs

Generally people think that sun sign’s and moon sign’s are one and the same thing. But I would like to make it clear that the moon sign’s represents the more impersonator side, the inner feelings and emotions portraying us from within. It indicates how we express our fostering intuition and the style of immediate emotional-feeling response to experiences. In total, Moon shows our veiled aspects.

Moon enters into a new zodiac sign around every 2 ½ days after completing a full 28 days cycle of all zodiac.The position of the transiting moon (moon\’s current position) helps resolve the common moods of people. The moon sign positions greatly sway the outcomes of events involving human relations. When the Moon is in certain zodiac, the characteristics of that zodiac sign redden the moon\’s appearance.

The moon rules over issues related to family and interface among family members, social gatherings and general events in the home surroundings. All the above incidents are greatly exaggerated by the placement of moon\’s sign. The moon sign, when taken in amalgamation with the Sun sign, tells about a person and is an essential part of learning about themselves and very minute things which you can’t find by your own. The best way to find out about the moon sign is to consult an experienced astrologer for a private reading. Remember one thing that consult only experienced astrologer as consulting unexperienced one may take you to the wrong path.