Level 1 Introduction to Numerology

  • Role of numerology
  • Benefit of learning Neurology
  • How to calculate personality number
  • How to calculate destiny number
  • How to calculate kua number
  • How to place respective numbers in loShu grid chart
  • How to make loShu grid chart
  • Twenty types of arrows and combinations
  • Question and Answer session

Level 2 Know the Future Trend

  • Personality trolls 1 to 9 numbers
  • Master destiny numbers
  • Compatibility of numbers
  • Personality and destiny number compatibility
  • How to calculate personal year
  • How to calculate personal month
  • How to calculate personal day
  • Suitable and unsuitable directions
  • Destiny number matters
  • Positive and negative of unique combination
  • Role of colors in numerology
  • Evaluation of chart
  • Question and Answer session

Level 3 Spelling Matters

  • Know month wise personality (1 to 12 month)
  • Role of spellings in a name
  • Calculate of numeric value of each alphabet
  • Prediction on basic of names and numbers
  • Alteration in spelling of name
  • How to choose profession according to numerology
  • How to choose a better life partner
  • How to opt best business according to numerology
  • How to solve relationship issues
  • Business card according to numerology
  • Remedies to solve issues
  • How to evaluate numeroscope
  • question and answer session