The term Rudraksh is formed by two words, \’RUDRA\’ and ‘AKSHA’. Rudra is the name and avatar of Lord Shiva and Aksha means \’tear\’. According to shiv puranana, the origin of rudrakaha’s from lord Shiva tears. Lord Shiva was meditating for long years for the welfare of all creatures. The lord Shiva opened his eyes and to see around. He saw people face pain and suffering then lord Shiva could not see the suffering and sorrows of the people and started hot drops of tears rolled down and the mother nature change the tears and gave the birth of rudrakash trees. The rudraksha tree known as “Elaeocarpus Granitus” and it is grown in Himalayan region of India and Nepal and Indonesia. Rudraksha are knows as “faces and Mukhis” according to Hindu mythology mukhis of various gods described their spiritual attributes. There are 1 to38 rudraksha mukhis, but 1to 14 mukhis are commonly found. Five –faced rudraksha are found bountifully and easily. Each Rudraksha is blessed of lord Shiva. Rudraksha bead is a divine gift from Lord Shiva to the mankind for helping them to combat their miseries and sorrows

Rudrakasha gives happiness, popularity and material gains and it will removes all tension and mental illness in their life & gives inner peace. In other words we can say that rudrakasha will give happy & comfortable life. It gives vital power, wealth, knowledge fortune and happiness. Even then the mala of rudraksha controls BP, anger, diabetic, tooth-ache, piles and other health related problem. But it is very difficult to procure an original rudrakasha; there are only a few meaningful and authentic beads are available from the tree. Before the wearing the rudrakash you have to purify and energized through the pujas and rituals other wise rudrkasha will give positive effective in their lives. If you misuse the rudrkasha it will give negative effect on your life.

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Types of Rudraksha Beads

There are various types of Rudraksha beads available; each Rudraksha has its own benefits and properties. Rudraksha is believed to be self-energized tool to get success in every field of the life. The size colour and quality of every rudrakash are different. Every rudrakash beads have their own importance and individual effects. Here we describe different kinds of rudraksh beads.

One -Faced Rudraksha (Ekmukhi Rudraksha)

This type of Rudraksha represent to lord Shiva himself. One Mukhi Rudraksha comes in the round shape or cashew nut (half moon). It will give fortune and worldly pleasure, power, luxury; victory over the enemy apart from that ek muki rudrakasha will give good social and financial stability. It will improve your concentration power and release your mental stress. Ek muki is one of the expensive beads, which is rarely available in the market. It is ruled by ruling planet is sun. A one mukhi Rudraksha can bring you immense power, wealth, luxuries, and fame; it can also help women give birth to a son. Mantra: Om Hreem Namaha, Om Namaha Shivaya.

Rate 1000 /-

Two-faced Rudraksha (Dwimukhi Rudraksha)

Two Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of ArdhaNareeshwara, a joint image of the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati (Shakti). If you are unmarried and facing problems for the marriage then you have to wear two mukhi Rudraksha for getting married. More over 2 muki rudraksha creates a happy family life and good relationships between husbands and wives. It will control your all negativities. It has oval shape. It is symbol of unity and oneness. Dwi mukhi rudraksha ruled by moon. Mantra: \’ Om Shiva Shaktihi Namaha

Rate- 500 /-

Three-faced Rudraksha (Trimukhi Rudraksha)

Three Mukhi rudraksh represent the trinity of the universe Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh deities of creation, maintenance and destruction. 3 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead is known to be one of the most powerful Rudraksha for stopping all problems which you were facing in the past and existing in the present moment. Three mukhi rudraksha will save us from many diseases like blood pressure, weakness, kidney problem, menstrual cycle, and remove all kind negative feelings, inferiority complexes, and guilt feeling. It will give happiness and stress free life. In other words we can say that it will enhance your confidence and cope with tough situations. Before the wearing you should be washed from Ganga water and worn on three threads red and yellow. Three mukhi rudrakasha should be adopted on Sunday after the sunrise. It represents the God Agni and ruled by mars. Mantra: Om Kleem Namah.

Rate- 200 /-

Four-faced Rudraksha (Chaturmukhi Rudraksha)

Four mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes of Brahma. As we know that Brahma is divine soul of universal knowledge and creator of material universe and also worshipped as the symbol of Chaturanan. Four mukhi rudraksha is very effective for the scholars, artist, students, researchers, scientist, writer and journalist. It will increase the memory power, intelligence and wit. Apart from that it improves your communications power and removes the problem of stammering. You can wear chaturmukhi rudrakash on Thursday. It is ruling planet is mercury. People can wears it on arm or neck then it will give more benefits in their life. Mantra: Om Hreem Namah

Rate- 50 /-

Five-faced Rudraksha (Panchukhi Rudraksha)

Panch mukhi rudrakasha represent the image of lord Shiva it is most important divine for the Hinduism. It is symbolize the form of Pancheswor or Panchmukhi Shiva. It is another form of Shiva and it is known as a kaalagni. The ruling planet of this holy five mukhi rudrakash is Jupiter and it is auspicious symbol of lord Shiva. Panch mukhi mala gains health and peace and it monitor cardiac and blood pressure problems. The five faced rudraksha eliminates all suffering, miseries and sorrows also. In short we can say that five faced Rudraksha will bring maximum physical and materialistic benefits with the eternal blessings from Lord Shiva. The chanting Mantra: Om Hreem Namah.

Rate- 20 /-

Six-faced Rudraksha (Chehmukhi Rudraksha)

The six mukhi rudraksha represents the shadow of lord Shiva’s, second son of kartikey. The most commonly known as kartikey and imparts learning, wisdom, knowledge and an increase in an individual\’s will power. Even goddess parvati has graced six mukhi rudrakasha with her eternal blessing, so it is worn by women desiring to have a child. Chehmukhi rudraksha known as your mental or concentration power, self-confidence, self esteem as well as sexual harmony. If you wear six mukhi rudrakasha it will enhance the fame, success, luxury, wisdom, wealth, physical strength, sexual harmony and positive outlook toward life. The six mukhi is very beneficial for the businessmen, editors, journalists, mangers and so on. This six mukhi Rudraksha eliminate poverty and ensures the presence of Goddess Lakshmi.six faced rudraksha protects the children form childhood diseases caused by witches, ghosts, and other problem like headache, fever, stomach problems etc. moreover it controls the blood pressure, problem of reproductive organs and unitary tract. It is ruled by the planet Venus. In short we can say that the Six Mukhi Rudraksha is essential for harmonious relationships, good career prospect and positive perspectives towards. The three beads of six mukhi rudraksha should be worn by stringing them into red thread. The chanting mantra: Om Hreem Hum Namah.

Rate – 20 /-

Seven-faced Rudraksha (Saptamukhi Rudraksha)

Seven –faced rudraksha symbolizes the goddess of lakshmi. It gives more benefit like good health, financial gains, fame, peace, freedom and mental strees. This rudraksha is recommended for those people who run their own business because it is beneficial for us. Energized beads can be placed in a locker containing money and other financial assets or in a prayer room to reap positive output. Even this seven faced rudraksha destroy the poverty and miseries. It is ruled by the Saturn planet. Saptamukhhi rudraksha are recommended for those people who face different problems like handicap ness, impotency, pain in bones and muscles, paralysis, worries and hopelessness. In other word we can say that it will secure finance, mental stability and progress in business so that we can lead happy and smooth life. It should be worn on a red thread after the mantra: Om Hum Namah.

Rate- 155 /-

Eight- faced rudraksha (Ashtmukhi rudraksha)

The eight – faced rudraksha is the manifestation of lord Ganesha (Lord Ashtavinayaka) the second son of supreme God of lord Shiva who has given longevity as also the blessing and benediction of lord Shiva. Ashtmukhi rudraksha gives divine power of opportunity, talent, marriage and good luck. These beads wipe out the all obstacles from the path of life and keeps away from the unpredictable accident, misfortune and miseries. This Rudraksha is ruled by \”Rahu (Dragons head).Eight mukhi rudrakasha recommended for the intellectuals and writers. It increases the concentration power. Wear the eight mukhi rudrakasha should be worn on Monday and only one red is enough for the success to an individual. If any person does not get success in his works then he/ she should wear eight mukhi rudrakasha. In other words we can say that this rudraksah removes all problems brings success in their life. Mantra: Om Hum Namah, Om Ganeshaya Namah,

Rate- 800 /-

Nine- faced rudrksha (Navmukhi Rudraksha)

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha represents goddess durga and dhramraj. It is considered to be nine deities, it is also called navdurga and it is symbol power and boldness. Nine mukhi rudraksha removed and washed away all types of sins. In this way person become free of sins and he/ she feel fresh with new life. This Rudraksha fulfills all desires of its wearer. Nine mukhi rudraksha gives good results in fear of enemy, problems among couples, mental disorders, and any suffering from lung diseases, body ache, eye problem, fever, and so on. The Nine Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by the \”Ketu\” planet and reduces the ill effects of Ketu. Nine faced Rudraksha is worn on a Monday and take one bead should be gold or silver, strung on a red thread and worn with chanting of mantras. In short we can say that it will give lot of power, energy dynamism and fearlessness for the work. It also gives mental peace and inner satisfaction. Mantra: Aum Navadurgayai Namah

Rate- 1200 /-

Ten faced rudraksha (Dus mukhi rudraksha)

The Ten Mukhi Rudraksha is a represents the Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, Vishnu is the Preserver of this cosmos. It is represents 10 Incarnations of Lord Vishnu like Buddha, Kacchap, Kalki, Krishna, Narasimha, Matsya, Parashuram, Rama, Vaman and Varah, So this termed known as Dusavatar. This ten mukhi rudraksha provides positive effects for evil power, miseries, sorrows, and worldly sufferings apart from that it protects us all types of attacks from weapons. Ten face rudraksha gives mental peace, respect, wealth, and in their life. It is very good for the spiritual and moksha field. It is ruled by Jupiter planet. Ten face mukhi rudraksha should be worn on a Sunday. It should be capped in gold or silver, strung on a red thread and worn while chanting mantras. Mantra: Aum Sri Narayanaaya Namah.

Rate- 1200 /-

Eleven – mukhi rudraksha (Gyraha Mukhi Rudraksh)

Eleven mukhi rudraksha represents Lord Indra and Lord Hanuman (eleventh rudra). It is commonly known as \’Ekadash Rudraksha. The wearer is blessed with wisdom, right judgment, and powerful vocabulary and an adventurous life. This Rudraksha gives happiness and material gains and protects the family relationship. Eleven mukhi rudraksha provides peace of mind, fulfillment of all human desires and power of spiritual success. More over it gives confidence, courage and stability in their life. If you want instant result then you should have to wear on top of the head because it gives immediately result for the work. Eleven faced rudraksha grants long life to the husbands of the wearers and it bestows their husbands with great luck and long life. This rudraksha is good for women who are pregnant .eleven faced rudraksha helps for the barren women are blessed with child by possessing it. You should wear this rudraksha on Monday and the beads should be silver or gold, strung in a red thread. It should be touched to a Shivalinga and worn while chanting mantras. Mantra: Om Hreem Hum Namah

Rate- 1600 /-

Twelve- Faced rudraksha (Baraha mukhi rudraksha)

Twelve mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes the lord of sun. This rudraksha is meant for a person who wants to achieve success, wealth, fame and happiness in their life. Baraha mukhi rudraksah is good for Higher Society people, business man Executives and politicians and administrators. This rudraksha is suggested for the heart diseases patient, lung diseases patient and good in diseases of bones. It is ruled by sun and to worn on Monday. In other words we can say that it gives strength, brilliance and radiance like a sun. Apart from that it gives light also. Mantra: Shree Suryay Namah

Rate – 2200 /-

Thirteen – faced rudrakha (Terah mukhi rudraksha)

Thirteen mukhi rudraksha is the form of the Lord Kamdev and Lord Indra.this rudraksha is ruled by mars planet. Terah mukhi rudraksha gives success, physical strength, love, beauty, honor, charismatic personality, and affection towards for others people. In this means this rudraksha provides worldly pleasure, wealth and financial status or glory. Teraha mukhi rudraksh is for Sexual pleasures. Even then this rudraksha eliminates various types of diseases and obstacles of life. Thirteen – faced Rudraksha is also rare and difficult to get but has immense power. It helps attain moksha. You can wear this rudraksha on Monday. Mantra: Om Hreem Namaha.


Fourteen faced rudraksha (Chaudha mukhi rudraksha)

Fourteen faced rudraksha represents for the hanuman. 14 mukhi rudraksha also called as Dev Mani. This rudraksha gives power, strength, courage and enthusiasm for the work. Chaudah Mukhi Rudraksh a very rare bead and a powerful bead it shows instant effect. It awakens the sixth sense organ by which the wearer foresees the future happenings. This rudraksha is beneficial for those people who have no children, but in these cases both husband and wife should wear it. This rudraksha overcome all worries, tension, sorrows and suffering. Chaudha mukhi rudraksha saves from the ghosts, black magic and evil spirit. It provides the wearer safety security and riches and self power. Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha improve intuitive thinking. This rudraksha should be worn on Monday and touch your forehead, chest or right arm. 14 mukhi rudraksha ruled by Saturn planet. Mantra: Om Namah Shivaye

Rate: 22000/-

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