Emerald Gemstone (panna)

Emerald is one of the most fascinating, unique and beautiful gemstones. The emerald gemstone found in Russia, Columbia, South Africa and Australia. It is also known as Panna in Hindi. But emerald has different names like samarld, samardos, market and emaurde. This emerald gemstone is a mixture of mineral – a compound of beryllium, sillicate of aluminum and oxygen and the color of emerald is light or dark green. The price of gemstone is very high.

Emerald gemstone associated and represents the mercury (Buddha) planet; it is smallest planet in the solar system. According to astrologer, mercury is the son of moon (Chandra). Mercury planet rules two zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini. Sun, rahu, Venus, and ketu, Jupiter are friends of mercury planet. According to astrologer Panna (emerald) gemstone should be worn as ring and pendant form because it gives more beneficial for you.

According to Hindu methodology, this panna stone open the door goddess saraswati. This goddess refers for wisdom and intellect and gives the ray of hope and radiation in student’s life, singers and musician. More over green emerald gemstone increase the food grains, property, and eyesight. This stone also o protect from black magic, witches and evil spirit. This gemstone is beneficial for the astrologer, teachers, bureaucrats, writer, engineers, officers, property dealers, medical personalities, and so on. Emerald gemstone increases the empowerment, vision of spirituality and understanding power and this stone protect various diseases like asthma, cough, stammering etc. Emerald gems make your child birth easy and remove all obstacles that face during the pregnancy, but you have tied around the waist of pregnant women. Wearing emerald your life fills with love and happiness. You should be worn the emerald gemstone on Wednesday. Emerald gems are available in many shapes and sizes. But the prices of emerald depend on the cart.

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