Astrological queries related to depression

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In today’s world, every individual is always after achieving something or the other. In the course of time, he loses his state of peace and enters into the state of depression. This is usually seen in the youth, who always strive to make more and more money within less period of time. When young adults are not able to do so, they start behaving and taking their lives in the negative way. Thus, they land into the state of depression.

Some of the most common cases seen are of young students. Students are expected to score high in order to survive in this recession hit world. So they are always focused to get higher marks and land into a good college. Also, students who have the aim to study abroad also give themselves so much of mental pressure that they finally undergo depression. The person is always unhappy, not socializing eventually, not responding to the surrounding things in an appropriate way. The allopathic medicines are considered to be a solution for these problems. But, these are just mind relaxing sources. They don’t remove the cause of the depression from its roots. Again and again the same things repeat. Due to the medicines, the person becomes physically lethargic. We can see in our surroundings that the person suffering from depression isolates himself from the world and enters into his world of sorrows which is very harmful in the long term.

Now, if depression has occurred due to some reason then the cure should also be done. The cure can be done in the astrological way. In our ancient religious books, astrology has gained a lot of importance. The houses in the Birth Kundalis depict various affect on the life of the individual. Chandrama, 4th house lordship and Shani determine a lot in this case. Also, if Rahu and Ketu are also present around then the affects should be prevented. When Rahu and Shani are present together, then the person becomes very isolated whereas if the Ketu is combined then the person becomes very destructive in nature. This can also be seen in small kids. Peer pressure, parental pressure are some of the depression increasing factors.

Astrological remedies can be used to solve these problems. Mental stability, blood circulation can be managed with the gem stones like Moonga and Rubi so as to normalize the blood pressure. For kids or individuals with anger, stones like Moti along with silver can be of great help. Astrological calculations can be done by the astrologer. The negative effect can be managed and reduced when consulted with the astrologer. One can make efforts so as to improve his condition. A combination of the astrological remedies with treatments can eventually free an individual from all the suffering. Our senses which are lost at the time of these negative experiences can be revived by strengthening the energy of the planet Buddh. Thus, every problem has a solution for it and can be solved with the right step at the right period of time.

Astrological queries for foreign settlement

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Since the birth of a child, his or her parents start thinking of his or her future. They start planning a lot about their child’s future. This usually happens in India where the culture bonds family members together.

A girl’s parent is usually always thinking in some part of their mind regarding the way their daughter will grow up. In this, the thought of their daughter getting married and settling comes to the top most priority. It’s a fact the every parent expects and searches for a soul mate for their daughter who will be an ideal partner.

In India, states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, parents dream to get their daughter married to a Non-Residential Indian (NRI) so that she can settle abroad and live a luxurious lifestyle. Girls, who cross the age of 21 and become legally eligible to get married, dream of their husbands to be an NRI. In north India, the trend of finding bridegrooms who are settled in abroad exists since last few decades. So parents make it a target to find bridegrooms who are working in various developed countries.

Many of the lucky parents find the right bridegroom for their daughter and get her married. This is done along with the careful analysis of the kundalis of the bride and the bridegroom, which ensures that their astrological signs and planets are compatible for marriage. Even parents are relieved when they hear a Panditji telling them that the two individuals are compatible with each other and can live happily ever after.

After marriage, many people have observed and even experienced that the man leaves his wife in India itself and goes abroad. He informs that once the Visa, passport and other formalities are officially completed he will take his wife to abroad. But many times, this does not happen! The wife keeps waiting for years for her husband to come and accept her. But later she comes to know that the marriage was just a fake one. It also happens that the husband and wife go abroad and settle there. But then, after a couple of months various differences start occurring in between the two individuals. This leads to a lot of disturbance. If the differences increase and expand then the state of marriage reaches to a state of divorce. After marriage, husband takes his wife along with him and there the wife realizes that her husband was already married. She is just a maid for him and his house as getting a maid in the foreign countries is really difficult. Also, Indian parents usually wish to have an Indian daughter-in-law. So their son is mentally forced to marry a girl whom he doesn’t even love or thinks of in getting committed to her. These things lead to a lot of dissatisfaction in the marriage and therefore the birth of a lot of differences.

The settlement in the foreign countries can be determined by the planetary positions. Usually the 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th and 12th house are taken into consideration. Even the 4th Lord along with the 4th house is seen carefully and analyzed by the astrologer so as to determine the positive and negatives in the individual’s destiny. So, astrological advice should be taken so as to make it easier for the family of the individual to take steps as per the advice. In order to find the path of the permanent settlement in the foreign countries astrological remedies can be carried out. Various gem stones, donations (daan) and other remedies can be done so as to ensure that the problems are solved.

Reasons Behind The Splitting Of Joint Families

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In the whole world only India is such a country who is still following the concept of joint family. This concept is not new in India, but it is being followed here since ancient times. Even according to the books and studies of olden times, joined families are said to be the strong basis of our culture and tradition. Joined families are not only part of our culture but they have great benefits as well. It is also said that if you have your family nearby in your happy and sad moments you would never have to seek anyone for help. But because of the world of rapid modernization, there are several reasons that the families are now quickly falling apart. They do not have much time to interact with each other and take part in the events happening in the life of their family members.

Till now the concept of nuclear family was only seen in cities but now even in villages people are splitting up their families and going towards nuclear families. This custom was usually not seen in villages but now this is a story of every second house in village. It is a dream of every parent to have a family of four with a son and daughter where the son takes care of them with her wife and grandson after the marriage of their daughter. It is a dream of every parent to see their children happy and where their daughter in law takes care of them in their old age, and grand children playing in their lap. In this way they start to dream about their happy family. Parents take care of their children in all situations whether it is cold, hot or rainy, they love them with everything they have and with this they expect that they will be with each other in all ups and downs in each other’s life. But soon their children get married and all their expectations and dreams are left where they are. It is because their children start to demand for their own personal life and home.

Problems and daily fights happening in the family make the elders take this step to separate themselves from their children’s life. All this is very painful for the elders of the family but they have to follow all these steps for the happiness of their children. But the question is that why does it happen? The answer to that is all this situation is not just is planned problem but it is the play of the planetary situations in kundali. In response of all this bad happening, either you son or your daughter in low is obsessed to have their home separate from their parents. Due to all these planetary problems in kundali, so many disturbances are caused in the mind that makes him think all wrong. And also makes him do bad things in life. Sometime wife is the culprit behind all these problems and because of all this usually son is not able to understand what exactly he is doing or must do to control the situation.

The Alphabets of Your Name Decide Your Business

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There are many people around who are not able to get appropriate results even after a lot of effort. This makes them sad and hopeless. And when they are not able to move forward or be successful in their life they get depressed and start taking this as bad luck of their life. After experiencing so much of problems and struggle in their life, they stop having any expectations from life. At this time when they are unable to find any solution they start referring several astrologers in order to find any solution for their bad luck. But if proper information like birth date, birth time, and birth place is not given it becomes difficult to predict the correct solution for this problem.

Also, in this situation with all incomplete information it becomes difficult to predict the correct career line for that person. So, there are many people who just start with any business in random in the absence of all these information. With the proper calculation of all these factors astrologers can easily predict that which career stream would be the best for you. Because their business does not match properly with their name, they usually start to face heavy loss and suffer through serious financial issues. In this situation many people do loss their peace of mind. In many Shasta it is said that by the name a person awakes from sleep is his name. Even the most popular numerologists Cheiro (Kero) and Sepharial have also told that they follow this procedure; this method was started in English. With this procedure, by following the name we can easily have knowledge about the planetary situations. The situations of the planets and correspondent to the numbers assigned and can also help to know the better solution.

There are many of the times that in this situation that people become confused about what they have to do in their life. Even some of the times they have two options to select for their life like if your name is Preeti which type of work would be more beneficial, beauty parlor or boutique. So, by joining the alphabetical numbers it can be calculated that which type of work has Preeti has to go into in order to gain the best benefit. With the help of correct calculation by numerologists one can gain appropriate result. The main concern is that all the information provided about the person must be correct. With the help of this write up I will be describing in detail about the fact that how will can you select the appropriate business. If you also want to select some or the other businesses or want to make some improvement in your business then you need to contact the best numerologist and take out the solution for all your problems. With correct calculation of numbers corresponding with your birth details you can easily make your future bright.

If you want to know more about that after which changes in your name can bring good things in your life, and business you consult astro numerology consultant Sarita Gupta.

Scope Of Kundali In Your Belongings And Wealth

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In today’s world, money is said to be very prized possession as it can purchase everything, but definitely it can never purchase happiness and satisfactions. This is the reason it is said as everything and yet nothing. Many of the people do have to face severe financial problems and because of this they are not able to satisfy their basic requirements. This makes them miserable and unsatisfied with their life. In this phase of life, many of the people have to go through excessive depressive situations and they even start thinking that their life is a complete waste. In this world, we have seen this situation many of the times that a person who has faced utter poor conditions in childhood and as he grows, he starts to earn. With time he starts to earn so much that even his further seven generations need not to earn for their living. With the start of nothing he starts to gain big things in his life.

It is also seen sometimes that some people do receive heavy paternal property and they also works hard to maintain the pride and luxury and even after so much of efforts they are not able to maintain or carry it for long and lose it gradually with time. Now the question is what are the bad and good qualities in any person so as to earn great benefit of money in life? The answer to this question is that it is not about the person’s good or bad quality, but everything is the game of stars and planets. If everything works in favor of you than there are chances that you might never have to face any loss in your life. But if there is anything that is not working in favor of your luck, then it does not matters how hard you work, you will gradually start to lose you empire. And these possibilities of good luck can be easily viewed by your astrologer in your kundali.

So, in order to get paternal property, sudden or excellent income, there are certain games which are preplanned by the stars and planets in your kundali. It depends on their positions that how your luck is going to work. if a kundali has dwitiya and ekadash bhav in it with its master as bali, and there are no adverse planetary situations in your kundali, then there are cent percent chances that you will be successful in earning your paternal property and fame. You are destined to get sudden wealth if pancham bhav and ekadash bhav are strong and are mastered by bali with no bad charms. In order to gain profit in partnership, business planets of seventh house must be strong and in order to gain business in your own business tenth and the eleventh house must be strong. In order to know about the result of any planetary positions you have to look for the solution in its position only. Also the relation of Kendra trikon is important.

The majestic world of gemstones

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Whether its western astrology or Indian, everyone believes is the power of gemstones. These majestic gemstones posses a mystical power which can eliminate problems related to body, mind and money when wore correctly by a person. If we give a glance to history many big kings used to wear gemstones according to their kundali and their planetary movements. In present world also many successful personalities from every industry whether it’s flashy media or high end business wear gemstones. Even people working in small offices can get benefits by using and wearing these stones or ratan.

Different astrologers follow different approaches to find out the best gemstone for a person but the most followed approach is to wear a gemstone according to your janam lagan rashi as it can benefit in all directions in your life. The science of gemstones says that a gemstone is directly connected to the blood circulation in our body and that’s why it can impact differently for different people bearing different body types. A gemstone can impart effect on body, mind and even on intellect of a person.
You should never wear a gemstone without consulting a good astrologer, because these people are well educated and experience breed in gemstone and they can only guide you about  what kind of stone is best for you to eliminate a problem and what should be its proper weight, color, size and clarity so that, it becomes most beneficial for you. They can even guide you about the best muhurat of span of time to wear it for best results.
Every Gemstone has its own unique nature some are cold and some are hot and vigorous in nature. A particular gemstone bears different relationship with different gemstones. They are friends and enemy with each other and thus you should not wear two different gemstones without knowing their relationship to each other. Wearing too many gemstones can harm you or can nullify the overall effect. You should never wear a gemstone because it’s a stone of your moon sign as it is very important to link the benefits of gemstone to the kundli and planetary positions in your life, as this is what which decides the best one for you. These stones can’t eliminate the bad effect caused by a planet but yes, they give strength to the planet to increase the good effects so that you can get benefits due to the stroke of power through these gemstones.
To attain the optimum level of benefits from these gemstones you should always consult an astrologer and avoid wearing khandit or broken gemstone.
Now let’s have a look on these magnificent gemstones and their benefits:
Ruby: It’s the gemstone for sun. It is known to eliminate many ailments like Leukemia, Heart attack, Schizophrenia, typhoid and even bubonic plague. It also helps in restoring the balance in different organs like liver, spleen, heart and even nerves and cholesterol. It also helps in maintaining and increasing the prestige and position of a person.

Pearl: This beautiful white stone represents the power of moon. It has a calming effect and is very good for managing anger to work in coordination in the environment around you. It keeps the mind healthy and can be worn to increase fertility, digestion, and healing powers of the body. It balances the body fluid, female reproductively and functioning of pancreas, kidney and liver. It also helps in increasing self confidence and ensure success in every phase of life.

Coral: It is a gemstone which comes from depth of sea and in beautiful red color. It posses wonderful and strong healing properties, by absorbing and reflecting the red radiations from the spectrum of light. It is known to heal many diseases like Tropical fever, madness, jaundice, obesity, rickets, anemia, arthritis and many more. It also helps in maintaining the good flow of emotions in one’s life. It is a wonderful gemstone for mars and keeps your life balanced and successful.

Emerald: It comes in green color and is a stone for mercury. It is known to give strength to your mind and hence increases intelligence, memory and intuition and these are required to go forward in life with wins in hand. Also, it is proved beneficial for increasing eye sight and immune system so, is essential to keep you healthy.

Yellow sapphire: As the name states it is a yellow colored stone for Jupiter. It is best to wear this stone if you want to be blessed with children.  It is known to increase money flow, and hence prosperity in one’s life. It is also helps in increasing mind power, basically learning and memory of a person.

Diamond: This gemstone is famous for its glitter. It’s a gemstone for Venus and is known to be best for financial growth in career and life. It increases maturity and wisdom in dealing day today emotional situations. It increases the confidence level and hence the bonds in relationships.

Blue Sapphire: This beautiful bright blue colored stone helps in increasing flow of blood and eye sight. It also decreases many bone and nerve related ailments. It helps in maintaining mental and physical balance of body. In all, it increases the longevity of life and sooths the relations around a person. It is a gemstone for Saturn.

Hessonite: It comes in brownish yellow color and is a precious stone for Rahu. It proves to be most beneficial when a person is undergoing Rahu dasha. It’s helpful in eliminating the evil’s caused by Rahu in one’s life. It is known to prevent acidity and other ailments due to the element Air. It is good to wear Hessonite for increasing financial growth, health and happiness in life. It is also known to help in winning legal battles.

Cat’s Eye: It is generally goldenish green in color and a gemstone for Ketu. It’s known to bring success by eliminating hurdles and warding off the evil of bad influences. It also helps in decrease in rivalries and increase in reputation of a person. It can bring opportunities to increase fame and positions in career or business.

Pitradosh And Fighting With It With Astrology

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According to Indian tradition there are three types of loans which exist. They are “Dev rin”, “Rishi rin” and “Pitra rin”. Pitra rin is related to our father and fore fathers. When any one dies all of a sudden and his soul is still not able to cope up with all the materialistic things on earth or is not able to have a peaceful death or his soul is still stuck on this earth due to some reason or any other reason due to which their soul is not able to find peace, there may be chances that any of your work in your family may not be completed easily. There can be any reason due to which they are not able to find peace; sudden death may include abortion, death during miscarriage or child birth, accident or death due to sickness. Such people die without complete their desired wish, and this is the reason they are not able to find complete peace, even after death and their soul is stuck on this earth for some reason.

This is the reason that some of the families have to face pitra dosh or any particular member of the family has to face this dosh. Even sometimes it is seen that all the members of the family have to face this type of dosh. In astrology, pitra dosh is said to be the biggest and a major dosh. According to which if any person has this dosh, he would have face a lot of problems, complications and have to struggle a lot in their life. Let us see that what all problems a person has to face if he has pitra dosh.

  1. Many of the times in a pitra dosh, the effect is seen after lot of years of marriage. Or many of the times people complain that they have lot of daughters but no son to carry on their name.
  2. Suddenly, many people start to face a great loss, in their business which previously used to be very successful.
  3. When your kids do not obey you and the impact is clearly seen on their nature and studies. They also disrespect their elders.
  4. Peaceful environment at home and divorce.
  5. Having complications in timely marriage.
  6. Start having court cases and have to face complications in them.

This is quite a serious issue, but we need to know that what all are the problems in the janm kundali that one has to face these problems. In our kundali, rahu greh has a very important role. By referring a correct astrologer all must always know that what its current position in your kundali and what is its relation with the sun and the moon. Even if your Jupiter is weak and the other planets are also not able to have positive impact on your luck then you may have to face this type of dosh. Also when sun, rahu and shani are at wrong position you may have to face problem. Also in janm kundali when rahu and Jupiter it results in tremendous effects

Now the question is that how can we reduce the effect of pitra dosh.

  • In 16 days of pitra paksh, donate food to the bhramins.
  • Enchantments can be quite effective, and donate the bhramins appropriately.
  • You can also donate cow to the needy.
  • At gaya dharm, you can donate things to the needy for their peaceful afterlife.

Impact Of Moon In Your Life

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This is a well-known fact that the planetary situations have great impact on human life. It is because of all the positions of planets that different people have to face different problems and different situations are created in their life. Depending on the strong and weak planetary situations, the bad luck or good luck of that person is decided. Even if it is wrong to say that humans are just a puppet in the hands of planets. It does not matter how hard that person is working to earn his living, if his planetary positions is not well then he will never gain proper results. If we want to see that how these planets affect the life and luck of a person then we can very easily see the direct impact of moon on the working in a person’s luck. This theory is not just a story tale to say but anyone can practically experience the good and bad things happening because of its influence.

Full moon can be seen 12 times in a year which we usually term as Puranmasi or Purnima. During the full moon time, the position of moon affects even the flow of water. Even this fact is scientifically proved that due to this position of moon high tides and low tides occur. Also, all living organisms constitute almost 80% of water in their body. So even human beings are also not untouched from the impact of full moon. At the time of birth of the child, the position at which the moon is becomes perceptual status of that person. So, it depends on the position of the moon that how strong or weak that person will be emotionally and the position of the moon is also related to the work efficiency of the person. Weak impact of moon in anyone’s kundali makes the person fragile and less motivated towards his work.

Unstable mind, poor mental state, mood swings and it makes the affected person go through adverse situations. If the impact of moon on person’s kundali is good then he will perform well in his job and will also gain a lot of profit in business. In short we can say that presence of moon in kundali always have a positive impact on the person. That person gets mentally and physically strong. It not only has good impact on the persons luck but it has great influence on the relationship status of that person as well. He will be a very social person and will have great friend circle. Just in the way in which a good doctor examines the victim to search for any problem or disease in his body, in the same way a good astrologer will also do the study of kundali well. And if there are any problem if will be suggesting you the appropriate solutions, so that you can overcome the problem. So, if a person is suffering from the poor impact of moon in his life then there is a solution for this as well. The impact can be reduced till the position of the moon comes to a better state.

Astrology – A Myth or A Science

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Astrology is said to be a big science in itself. With proper calculations and manipulations by the person who has proper knowledge about all this, he can easily calculate the good and bad things that are going to happen in future. Astrology is also related to Ayurveda. With the help of astrology, astrologers can easily let you know that what type of health issues you will be having at what age and what type of treatment must be given in order to recover the illness. It is not only about health; with the help of this science one can easily know that which field is better for their just born child. In this way their child will never have to face failure, and will always show their best performance in their field.

With the help of astrology one can also easily calculate that whether that particular deal will be beneficial in present as well as future or not. In this way you can understand well that astrology is a complete science in itself. With its correct implementation and use, we can take the concept of astrology further and make more contributions in the world of science and technology.

Astrology is not a myth?

Since very olden times, women have always tried to do something or the other new things. It is just because of amazing human mind we have reached at such a modern era. Nowadays rocket, missile, television, mobile, computer and many other electronic gadgets are there which has made our life easier. In today’s world anyone can easily talk to someone else sitting in another corner of the world and also he can virtually see him. For all this, we really should be very thankful to science. With the growth of requirement, science will always keep on bringing new things. But, the question is that from where the thought process of inventing these things actually originates. Researchers say that the idea of all these things have actually originated from our ancient books!

Even after so many inventions, there is no machine invented till now which can say that in which direction the person will go, or what is his thought process, or when he will be getting married. But a good astrologer can easily tell all these things. It is just because of science that we are able to know that opposite poles attract each other and this is the reason there are high and low tides in sea. According to scientist moon is its basic reason. Similarly, a person’s kundali is also majorly affected by the influence of moon. It is because; everything is calculated with the help of the position of the moon. This is not a modern notion in fact even thousand years back, astrologers used to follow the same method. The biggest question is that so many years back no one has ever even seen any other planetary body apart from sun and moon and yet there are theories written about all this in our ancient books.

Are You Still Not Getting Any Benefit From Your Business Or Job?

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Every person tries his best to earn more and more for his living. For this he tries to get his job into best company but still he is not able to obtain good results. In today’s world it does not matter whether he is a boy or a girl, everyone wants to have a good job in order to live a good and comfortable life. Some people get the job easily while some have to work hard day and night to reach great heights. Even after working hard entire year whole heartedly many people see that they have made not much difference in the bank balance or balance sheet. They are not able to get financial benefit from any direction. If we try to find reasons behind it we are not able to find any reason.

Normally people do think that when they are working so hard whole year, why they are not getting appropriate results. Trying to find the reasons deeply they come to know that when they are doing everything correctly what is the  reason that they are still not able to gather everything properly. There must be any reason that things in your life are not coming under your control. Many of the time you must have tried getting into a job but due to some problematic circumstances you must have started doing business. Either someone else must have forced you to get into any business in which you are not interested. If not any of this, many people are not able to get into any business due to lack of money or financial crises. Due to any reason sometimes even you are not able to get benefit and start to think that you are not made for that business or that particular business is not made for you. In this whole confusion many of you gets into wrong field of business.

Many of you work hard by doing business and job whole life but are never able to face any success. In which field one must go it can be easily decided with some easy calculations in your kundali. By referring your kundali to some good astrologist, you can easily know that in which business has better future for you. The numerologist can easily tell you that by doing this type of business you will be having more benefit. From all of this, we can conclude that before starting any business we would suggest that always refer a good astrologer or numerologist or any knowledgeable person who can read your kundali and tell you that in which field your future will be best, by doing business or job or which type of business or which type of job. And it is for the astrologers as well that without confusing the person, it is their duty to guide them and show the correct path. Try always going to the best astrologer if you want to have the best results. If you want to search for any solution for your business or job you may contact us anytime.