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When a child is born, he brings with him in his fist are nothing much but a few lines which ,though, hold in them the child’s destiny, that is, the past, present and future. These are the lines which serve as the source of extracting the essentials of the life in the future. Palmistry is the science dealing with the art of prediction of the future through the study of one’s palm. It is a method of predicting one’s life through the means of studying various characteristics of one’s hands like the lines on the palm and shape, size, texture of the fingers. The origin of the science of Palmistry roots deep back in the history.

Since ages back, Palmistry has been helping people around the globe know their past, present and the fore coming future. Palmistry has been a good source of information for individuals who do not have the knowledge of their exact date and time of birth. A good Palmist is the one who figures out correctly about your life by reading your hands and can also provide you with suggestions regarding the same. Every palm has a atory to tell – a story about you, your life, and what and where it will lead you to.

The art of palmistry has been in continuous study and use by a large number of palmists for centuries to foretell health, wealth, financial success, family matters, career and love. Future holds in it many pre-destined events which are definitely to happen in any case. Palmistry can just make us informed about it well in advance, so that we as humans can prepare ourselves for come what may.

Palmistry Palmistry Palmistry

A good palmist, such as Ms. Mittal, can very well predict what a phase of life is the person going through and will be going through in the future. It cannot change the past, present or future but can surely lend a helping hand by pre warning us of the ills of the future so that we can take appropriate measures and find a possible solutions for the shortcomings of future. It provides remedial steps like the use of stones, recitation of various mantras, feeding animals, yoga, meditation and many more according to the suitability of the condition of the person. The use of all these properly under the guidance of an experienced palmist like Ms. Mittal makes a person lead a happy and prosperous life, making the future shining.


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Gems are very well known all over the world for their magnificent beauty and value. Not only do they add a beauty and charm into a person’s personality, but also may play a very significant role in shaping the present and future. They have a great importance in Vedic Astrology or the Science of Lights. It is now very well known that the light is composed of seven different rays, that is, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. These rays are also a constituent of the pretty rainbow.

If the ancient Indian text, the “Karam Puran” is to be taken into account, then the seven planets are considered to be condensation of the above mentioned seven different coloured cosmic rays. The planet Earth was supposed to have on it the greatest condensation of the cosmic rays in the form of natural gem stones found on it. These gem stone s are present in a large variety and are believed to attract rays of different kinds towards them. This property of the gems makes them an ideal method to be used for reducing the sufferings that are led by mis-positioned planets in a person’s birth chart. Enlisted below are certain major astrological gemstones which enhance a person’s life in a number of ways:

Ruby is a stone that has a fiery coloured appearance. It denotes devotion and desire. It blesses its wearer with a healthy life, wise personality, and exceedingly good success in the matters relating to the heart. Ruby is the birthstone for July born individuals. Ruby acts as an effective stone especially for people with the Zodiac sign Leo or for the ones who have a weak positioning of the sun in their horoscope. The stone Ruby also acts as a remedy for diminishing poverty, and inducing prosperity, name, fame, success and fame in social sphere into a person’s living.
Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire relates its existance to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter, being the biggest and the heaviest planet of the solar system, is considered the Guru of Gods, according to Vedas. It is also believed that Jupiter holds the ministership of the rest of the eight planets. Jupiter, according to the Vedas, loves the colour yellow. Therefore the people having a misplacement of Jupiter in their horoscope are advised to wear Yellow Sapphire by Ms Mittal. Thursday is the Day of Jupiter and north-east is his direction. Saggitarius and Pisces serve as the native Zodiac signs.
Blue Sapphire is the stone of the planet Saturn. It is considered to be the strongest and fastest acting gem as compared to the rest of the stones. It is known with various names such as Sauri Ratna (Saturn’s stone) or Shanipriya (lovable to Saturn).

The wearer of Blue Sapphire has a shower of gain from everywhere. It adds discipline and clarity of thoughts to an individual’s life. It also initiates the gain of property, release from depression and anxiety, and a life free from diseases. The seven and a half year cycle of saturn and the two and a half years cycle of the saturn,very popularly known as Shani ki Sadesaati and Shani ki Dhaiya respectively, can also be healed with the use of this stone by Ms Sarita Mittal.

Gomedh gem is associated with removing the shortcomings caused by Rahu. Rahu is responsible for creating excessive stress in a person’s life leading to a high rate of irritability and a disfigured mental and social state of the person which imposes a negative effect on the relationship status of the person.
Being the gemstone of the Moon, Pearl is made up of the compound of calcium and oxygen. Natural Pearls are the rarest and the most valuable of all as they are produced in a very small quantity. Pearl belongs to zodiac sign Cancer. If the moon is well placed in the birth chart, or to strengthen a week moon Pearls are very effective. Pearls not only strengthen the mind and enhance the memory power, but also aid in controlling anger. They maintain the calmness and the peace of the mind and also encourage the feelings of compassion and love. They help in meditation too.
Red coral can be worn by people who have Mars as the Ruling Planet in their birth chart, as the gem is ruled by planet Mars. It provides its wearer with bravery and the strength to defeat the enemies easily. It also crosses out depression and protects women from widowhood. It stops the torture by evil spirits and nightmares. It aids meditation and fills the life with joy and prosperity and may also help one to avoid violence and fight.
Diamond is ruled by the planet Venus. Diamond inculcates goodness if Venus is well placed in a nativity in a person’s birth chart. Diamond leads one to have a luxurious life. It is also believed to bring name, fame, popularity and the state of the art living of the person. It is considered a hot gem which induces good effects and rules out the evil ones.
Emerald is best suited for the ones who lack the capability to concentrate. It motivates intelligence and mindpower, aids fickle-mindedness, memory loss, the problem of stammering, and maintains calmness in a harsh speech.
Cat’s Eye is representator of the planet Ketu as per the Vedic astrology. According to these texts, Cat’s eyes, available in two colours, can be used to strengthen or pacify the planet. It favours the ones associated with the activities like dancing, or horse racing or gambling of any kind. It is a necessity for the people involved in various other dangerous professions.
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Gemstone Consultancy

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The Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology is a blessing to the humans given by the ancient saints to guide them in all aspects of life. These aspects are divided in to 12 houses of your Indian Horoscope. Some of these houses in Indian Horoscope are weak and some are strong and accordingly the aspects of life related to these houses are weak or strong, in the same way some planets are benefices and some are malefic. Gemstone are the remedial solution provided to human being to give strength to the weak or problematic aspect related to a weak house and to make things fairer for the strong aspects of life related to strong houses of your horoscope and to increase the strength of benefic planets and decrease the strength of malefic planets.

For accurate gems remedies astrologer must have details like:
•  Name
•  Date of Birth
•  Time of Birth
•  Place of Birth

After ascertaining the type of stone the next step is the weight to be used. This is a very tricky problem. Too big stone will cause an overload while too little will not act at all. One must relate intelligently, the weight of the stone to the strength of the corresponding planets. There are strict rules and procedures for wearing a gem. Simply buying the stone at a store and wearing it will not only serve any purpose but will also put a life in gems by mantras and pooja.

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Numerology is the science whose origin can be traced back in the 6th century BC from great Mathematician and Philosophers. People often wonder if the day they were born considered blessed or cursed. Whether the numbers in their date of birth lead them to success or make them lack behind in the race of life? The answer to all these questions comes from the study of numerology. The suggestions that come across by this study prove to enlighten a person’s overall personality.

According to numerology, there are nine stereotypes of the primary numbers one to nine. Each person has a specific number assigned to him/her at the time of birth itself. Each number signifies energy, vibration and various other personality traits. With the study of these numbers a person’s past, present and future can be very well predicted by a good numerologist. For past thousands of years numerology has been dealt very seriously in terms of teachings, research and studies. It also signifies a deep relationship between the mosaic of numbers and the individuality of a person concerned.

Numerology Numerology Numerology

Ms. Sarita Mittal is a profound numerologist who can efficiently study the case and recommend suitable measures to improvise over the problematic situation that any concerned person might be facing. This science has been proving a great success not only for the common man but also for the reel and real life heroes, politicians and businessmen who have brought about drastic changes in their life with the help of Numerology.

Ms. Mittal has been offering her services to the field by helping a large number of people solve the pros and cons of their puzzled lives and has been suggesting a variety of methods including the use of different kinds of gems, changes by animal feeding, enchantment of a range of mantras, use of tantra etc.