Blue sapphire Gemstone (Neelam)

Blue sapphire is a mixture of oxygen and aluminum, but little mixture of cobalt so that it is blue color. According to Indian it is known as neelam but this blue stone has different names in Sanskrit such as neelmani, mahaneel, neelopal, shaurie and indraneel. Neelam stone is found in Thailand and Australia but best quality neelam is procure from Sri Lanka and Kashmir

Blue sapphire ruled by Saturn planet, it is very strong planet. Blue sapphire have different shapes, size and colors, you can obtain according to your requirements. All neelam stones are transparent luster, natural glow and shine. A pure and fine quality of neelam (blue sapphire) is slippery to touch and it shape like a peacock. These blue sapphires are lucky for that person who born on 8th, 17th, and 26th of any month because this stones are auspicious for the eight numbers and it is best for Capricorn and Aquarius sun sign or the sahni/ Saturn’s position is weak in the birth chart then you should be worn on blue sapphire. This neelam stones gives instant result. Blue sapphire stones/ gems could be worn in various ways like rings, pendants, earring and necklace. But if you wear as ring or pendant then this gems could be auspicious and advantage for you.

To wear a blue sapphire/ neelam valuable in the business and profession of mustard oil, salt, land, transportation, poly bags, coal industry and petrochemicals. If you do work as politicians, law practitioners and magistrates then you should wear a blue sapphire for the achievement and success in their profession. Neelam stones enhance reasoning or mental power, name, fame, wealth and prosperity day by day. Blue sapphire is very helpful for the asthmatic patients, skin disorders heart diseases and other problems who relate with the body. In last we can say if blue sapphire stone suits , then you can better position all field and society but on the other hand if not suits you then you can face lot of problems in their life.

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Rate of yellow sapphire: 35,000- 50,000