Birth Time Rectification

Many of the astrologers give future predictions without rectifying the time and this is the main reason that most of their predictions go wrong. This report is one of the special reports of which helps you to know your exact birth time. Not many people are lucky enough to have their birth time recorded accurately up to the minute, they need to rectify their birth time. Exact birth time is necessary to fix the exact degrees of the Ascendant or more commonly known as the Lagan chart an also the exact degrees of the planets during the time of birth.

The prime and the most important step for gauging the accuracy of the horoscope is to tally the main events that have already happened in the life of the native after going through DBA (Dasha, Bhukti and Antra) & Transits. If the events tally, the horoscope is correct, if the events do not tally the horoscope requires “Birth Time Rectification“.

If you do not know your birth time, or you have forgotten, then do not worry. At, we can rectify your birth time. For this task, all you need is to send us your day, month, year and place of birth and the approximate time of your birth. You can possibly tell whether you were born in the early morning, in the after noon, in the evening, or at night or mid night etc. It is desirable and advisable that besides these details, you must provide us with the details of your physical features, your nature, likes, dislikes and some main events which happened in your life in past. Such past events could be some childhood accident, education, marriage, death in family, divorce, disease, purchase of property, number of siblings, birth of children, condition of parents, or any other event which you think is important. We shall rectify your date of birth on the basis of the details provided by you.