Numerology is the science whose origin can be traced back in the 6th century BC from great Mathematician and Philosophers. People often wonder if the day they were born considered blessed or cursed. Whether the numbers in their date of birth lead them to success or make them lack behind in the race of life? The answer to all these questions comes from the study of numerology. The suggestions that come across by this study prove to enlighten a person’s overall personality.

According to numerology, there are nine stereotypes of the primary numbers one to nine. Each person has a specific number assigned to him/her at the time of birth itself. Each number signifies energy, vibration and various other personality traits. With the study of these numbers a person’s past, present and future can be very well predicted by a good numerologist. For past thousands of years numerology has been dealt very seriously in terms of teachings, research and studies. It also signifies a deep relationship between the mosaic of numbers and the individuality of a person concerned.

Ms. Sarita Mittal is a profound numerologist who can efficiently study the case and recommend suitable measures to improvise over the problematic situation that any concerned person might be facing. This science has been proving a great success not only for the common man but also for the reel and real life heroes, politicians and businessmen who have brought about drastic changes in their life with the help of Numerology.

Ms. Mittal has been offering her services to the field by helping a large number of people solve the pros and cons of their puzzled lives and has been suggesting a variety of methods including the use of different kinds of gems, changes by animal feeding, enchantment of a range of mantras, use of tantra etc.