Pearl Gemstone (Moti)

A pearl is a very special and unique gift of nature considered by god. Pearl is the gemstone ruled by moon planet. This gemstone is the mixture of calcium and oxygen. Pearl gemstones are very precious and valuable gift for the birthstone. Pearl gemstones come in a various range of sizes and shapes. A pearl stone refers to sun sign “cancerian” and those people birthday that starts from 21may to 21 June. Pearl gemstone is available in different colors like red, brown, blue, salmon pink, and green. Pearl gemstone is known as queen of the sea. Pearls are symbol of love, serenity, shine, luster and beauty and all these qualities are relate with moon planet.

Pearl gemstone control and reduces the anger and evil thoughts. It gives peace and clam on the mind, and always encourages self confidence as well as love or compassion for other people. Pearl stone is very helpful for those people who come in educational fields, research scholars, and scientist, apart from that it is beneficial for those people, who deal with banking, insurance, sports, law, engineering, shipping and so on. Pearl stone eradicate all medical problems and enhance the concentration power as well as increase the learning capability. Even then this stone is must for those people who suffering from insomnia, heart, stomach, ulcers, diabetes, fevers, hysteria and tuberculosis (TB). Pearl can be used and helpful for childless couple who want their own child so that they can lead happy and conjugal life. Pearl gemstone should be worn if you have weakest planet as the moon and Chandra. As we know that people face so many obstacles and hurdles in their life but pearl gemstone gives happiness modesty, chastity, success, comfort and luxury in their life.

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Rate of pearl- 2,000 to 25,00