When a child is born, he brings with him in his fist are nothing much but a few lines which ,though, hold in them the child’s destiny, that is, the past, present and future. These are the lines which serve as the source of extracting the essentials of the life in the future. Palmistry is the science dealing with the art of prediction of the future through the study of one’s palm. It is a method of predicting one’s life through the means of studying various characteristics of one’s hands like the lines on the palm and shape, size, texture of the fingers. The origin of the science of Palmistry roots deep back in the history.

Since ages back, Palmistry has been helping people around the globe know their past, present and the fore coming future. Palmistry has been a good source of information for individuals who do not have the knowledge of their exact date and time of birth. A good Palmist is the one who figures out correctly about your life by reading your hands and can also provide you with suggestions regarding the same. Every palm has a atory to tell – a story about you, your life, and what and where it will lead you to.

The art of palmistry has been in continuous study and use by a large number of palmists for centuries to foretell health, wealth, financial success, family matters, career and love. Future holds in it many pre-destined events which are definitely to happen in any case. Palmistry can just make us informed about it well in advance, so that we as humans can prepare ourselves for come what may.

A good palmist, such as Ms. Mittal, can very well predict what a phase of life is the person going through and will be going through in the future. It cannot change the past, present or future but can surely lend a helping hand by pre warning us of the ills of the future so that we can take appropriate measures and find a possible solutions for the shortcomings of future. It provides remedial steps like the use of stones, recitation of various mantras, feeding animals, yoga, meditation and many more according to the suitability of the condition of the person. The use of all these properly under the guidance of an experienced palmist like Ms. Mittal makes a person lead a happy and prosperous life, making the future shining.