Ruby (Manik) Gemstone

Ruby gemstone ruled by the sun planet and it is red color; it is symbolizes fiery and hot like sun. We know that sun is one of the largest planets in the solar system. So it is alliance with red color. This gemstone is very precious and valuable. The name of ruby came from the Latin word “Ruber”. Red gemstone knows as different name like gem of the sun, ravi- ratna, red jewel, padmaraga and red- lotus color gem. Red gem stone is very helpful and fruitful for those people who sun sign are Leo and those people who were born on the day 1, 10, 19, 28 of any month. Apart from that if your birthday comes on during the period from 17 August to 16 September or in the month of January or July should wear ruby. Manik (ruby) is the stone who represent to sum (surya).

If the position of the Sun is weak in the horoscope and you are facing health problems like hypertension, lung diseases, back-bone, diabetes, piles, cholera, jaundice and so on, but you want rid of these problems as well as improve your personality then you should wear ruby gemstone. Moreover Ruby stone plays dominating role in many career paths like politician, bueaurecats , actors, jewelers, engineers , dealers of cotton, cloth, and flowers. In short we can say that ruby gemstone gives prosperity, wealth, comfort, luxury, power, name and fame. It cures and protects various long suffering problems; wearing ruby stones eradicate your poverty.

Ruby gemstones could be worn in different forms like rings, earrings, necklace and pendants. According to astrological benefits you should wear only as a ring or pendant form, if you wear as necklace or earring form then it will reduce the benefit.

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