Diamond Gemstone (Herra)

Diamond is one of the costly rare and expensive stone in the world. It is the very hardest substance and found in mines and plains too. Diamond mining countries are also located in Botswana, Namibia, Canada, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The origin of diamond word comes from the Greek word Adams, it means unconquerable. We all know that diamonds are colorless, but now there various colors are available in diamond like pink, purple, green, red, blue and so on. Diamond knows as different names like Beloved of Venus, Hiraka, lightning bolt, Bhargava- priya and Vajraneel, but Indians commonly known as Heera. Diamond is most popular gemstone among the people.

Diamond gemstone is ruled by Venus (sukra). As we know that Venus planet is responsible for the love, romance, harmony, arts and beauty in the life of people. In the same way diamond stone is also give these entire things to the human being so it is valuable. If your birthdays date 6th, 15th, and 24th or Venus planet is timid and weak in your bithchat/horoscope then you have to worn diamond stone because it is very auspicious for you. Heera is best for tauras and Libra sun sign and you should wear the diamond on Friday, apart from that it should wear on right hand finger.

Diamond gemstone is advantage for the actors, painters, diplomats, artist hoteliers, doctors, and gold sellers, seller of sugar and rice, musician and so on. Diamond gives happy conjugal life and cordial relationship with others members. Diamond stone increase the stamina and removes all health problems. It is very beneficial for impotency, hydrocil and epilepsy. More over diamond stone protect and save from witches, black magic, witches and ghost. Diamond removes all negative effects and gives the positive strength. If married couple wants a son in her first pregnancy then they should not wear the diamond especially in her finger during the period of delivery. If you want to buy the diamond then you consult with Mrs Saritta Mittal. For the consultation you have to fill the form it is mandatory.

Rate start from – 30,000- 60,000 and more