Cat’s Eye Gemstone

According to Indian astrologer cat’s eyes gemstones symbolize ketu. It is known as lehsunia or vaiduria. The other names of this gem are chrysoberyl , cyophane cat’s eye, ketu-ratna, ketu’s gem and sutra- mani,but Indian people knows as sutra mani. This gemstone found in Brazil, china, south India, Ceylon and many other countries. Cat’s eye gemstone is available in different shades and sizes. Even then this gem destroys and removes all bad effects of ketu in horoscope/ birth chart. Ketu is also known as second mars. This cat’ eye stone is very helpful for Pisces sun sigh and traditionally known as “tail of the dragon”. Wearing cat’ eye stone on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. The best time to wear cat’ eye ring is 2 hours after the sunset or evening. Cat\’s Eye is a very strong gemstone and gives fast and instant results after wearing.

A Cat’ eye gem removes all obstacles in business, fear of accident, despair, unhappiness in life. This gemstone brings pleasure, bliss, bravery, brightness, prosperity and off spring for the human being. More over this gemstone not only protect a man from his foe but brings victory over the foe also. Cat eye’s destroys long suffering diseases, poverty, and calamites. If you are facing Saturn, ketuand rahu problems in horoscope then this stone will very helpful for you. In short we can say that, this stone lot of happiness, luxury, comfort and success in your life.

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