ये बिंदिया करे क्या इशारे…

ज्योंतिषाचार्य सरिता गुप्ता

नारी के सोलह श्रंगारों में से एक है बिंदी। बिंदी न हो तो बाकी श्रंगार मानों अधूरे-से लगते हैं। बिंदी का महत्व् महज श्रंगार तक सीमित नहीं है। इसके और भी मायने हैं। बिंदी शब्द- बिंदू से जन्मा है। बिंदू अर्थात वह आध्यात्मिक केंद्र जिसका

Astrological queries related to depression

In today’s world, every individual is always after achieving something or the other. In the course of time, he loses his state of peace and enters into the state of depression. This is usually seen in the youth, who always strive to make more and more money within less period

Reasons Behind The Splitting Of Joint Families

In the whole world only India is such a country who is still following the concept of joint family. This concept is not new in India, but it is being followed here since ancient times. Even according to the books and studies of olden times, joined families are said to

The Alphabets of Your Name Decide Your Business

There are many people around who are not able to get appropriate results even after a lot of effort. This makes them sad and hopeless. And when they are not able to move forward or be successful in their life they get depressed and start taking this as bad luck

Scope Of Kundali In Your Belongings And Wealth

In today’s world, money is said to be very prized possession as it can purchase everything, but definitely it can never purchase happiness and satisfactions. This is the reason it is said as everything and yet nothing. Many of the people do have to face severe financial problems and because

The majestic world of gemstones

Whether its western astrology or Indian, everyone believes is the power of gemstones. These majestic gemstones posses a mystical power which can eliminate problems related to body, mind and money when wore correctly by a person. If we give a glance to history many big kings used to wear gemstones

Pitradosh And Fighting With It With Astrology

According to Indian tradition there are three types of loans which exist. They are “Dev rin”, “Rishi rin” and “Pitra rin”. Pitra rin is related to our father and fore fathers. When any one dies all of a sudden and his soul is still not able to cope up with

Impact Of Moon In Your Life

This is a well-known fact that the planetary situations have great impact on human life. It is because of all the positions of planets that different people have to face different problems and different situations are created in their life. Depending on the strong and weak planetary situations, the bad

Astrology – A Myth or A Science

Astrology is said to be a big science in itself. With proper calculations and manipulations by the person who has proper knowledge about all this, he can easily calculate the good and bad things that are going to happen in future. Astrology is also related to Ayurveda. With the help


When a child is born, he brings with him in his fist are nothing much but a few lines which ,though, hold in them the child’s destiny, that is, the past, present and future. These are the lines which serve as the source of extracting the essentials of the life

A Dog’s Purpose (2017) 123movies

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